Tuk Tuk Tap Room: Our Review

Featuring a trendy environment and street food straight out of Southeast Asia, accompanied by craft beer, you can’t beat dinner or lunch at the Tuk Tuk Tap Room. Seating options are vast, including a dining room, garden view or patio. Learn about some of the other features of this unique restaurant here.

What to Expect at the Tuk Tuk Tap Room

Located in a busy street in San Antonio, the Tuk Tuk Tap Room is a favorite for tourists and locals, alike. With food crafted by the talented David Gilbert, you will find that a plain bird is transformed into a “sexy” dish that is virtually impossible not to devout ñ much too quickly. The culinary team at the Tuk Tuk Tap Room uses charcoal cooking methods to add more texture and flavor to the foods served. The energetic, bright flavors offered by the dishes will pair nicely with the vast selection of craft beers that are always on tap.

In addition to succulent meats, each dish is served with fragrant jasmine rice that is actually worth ordering all on its own. Combine a bite of the rice with your meat of choice and there is no question your mouth will be happy.

Options for Every Taste

The owners of the Tuk Tuk Tap Room understand that not everyone is a fan of beer. This is why the knowledgeable servers will help you find something you will definitely enjoy with more than 72 taps and offerings of over 60 different kinds of beers. Also, there are over 25 beer options served in bottles. Chances are there is a flavor for everyone. If you aren’t really in the mood for beer, but want something that pairs perfectly with the food, then you should try the house brew. Called kambucha, this drink offers undertones of lemongrass, tamarind and lychee, for a memorable and unique flavor you are sure to enjoy.

Dishes Worth Trying

Gilbert offers a number of succulent dishes from chicken, to wings and more. The wings are worth mentioning due to their bright and somewhat hot sauce featuring dried chilies and tamarind. While the rings are delicious on their own, if you squeeze the provided lime on top, it helps to round out the flavor you experience.

Another dish is the pork larb. This is sourced from the northeast portion of Thailand and consists of foods including minced pork, rice powder, toasted rice, dry chilies, basil, mint, kaffir lime and tamarind. It features flavors that are herbaceous, tart and spicy, offering you both flavor and freshness.

If you want another exciting dish to try out, the Saigon-style beef pho is not going to disappoint. It comes with a full flavored broth that is similar to a French stock. If you like the pho at the majority of Vietnamese restaurants located in San Antonio, you may find this dish from the Tuk Tuk Tap Room a bit bland, which is something you should keep in mind during your visit.

Specials to Expect

Each day, Gilbert makes sure to include a number of off-menu specials that are definitely worth trying. These unique dishes vary from one day to another and if you find out that the frog legs in curry are being served with the fried tofu, it is a dish you will want to snag up quickly. This is a hot dish that will sell out pretty quickly.

The Bottom Line

So are you wondering if the Tap Tap Tuk Room is somewhere you would like to try? It is definitely worth it if you are looking for a trendy Vietnamese restaurant in San Antonio. There are plenty of similar joints in Dallas and Houston, but Tuk Tuk probably tops them all. Be sure to check out the daily specials and enjoy the low prices. Chances are you will love the food and the great staff that is waiting to serve you.

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